Beauty in Motion

For years, Alejandra and I had heard rumors of a reclusive milonguera named Teta, whose grace and skill on the dance floor were said to be matched only by her beauty. But I was never able to capture her on film, because she was very shy, and almost never appeared in milongas. Then a few years ago, Alej was able to track down a rare piece of video of this legendary beauty. It cost a small fortune, but after I looked at it, I realized it was worth every penny—because it gives a brief glimpse of possibly the most amazing tango dancer of all time. I think every woman who dances tango can go to school on this film. Not only is it a clinic on how to dress and use the cabeceo, but her ochos and volcadas are the best in the business.

Here's the incomparable Teta:


The rumors are true: Teta is as talented as she is beautiful!



In loving memory
 Tete 1936-2010