The Joy of Tango

This always happens. I start out with a great plan, but then I come across a different piece of film and get sidetracked. I was going to use a short clip of Alito dancing with another milonguera to demonstrate something or other—but then I found this one, and I had to use it instead. I realize it’s too long, it doesn’t show what I wanted… and you’ll probably notice that Alej and Alito make several obvious mistakes. But what can I say? Tango's about having fun, and Alej and Alito seem to be enjoying themselves so much that I couldn’t leave it out. Even when they trip each other up, they look like they can barely keep from laughing. And the music! If it doesn’t make you want to jump up and start dancing, it’s time to look for another hobby.

Here are Alito and Alejandra floating around Lo de Celia's with Biaggi on a fall afternoon in 2004:


(This is a long video that may take several minutes to load.)


Homework assignment: Use your trained eye to identify different ways Alito plays with the music. Can you describe how he expresses the compás in one way, and the melody in another? Discuss the importance of staying relaxed and centered.